CNC SAAN Ltd Improvement of the Measuring Laboratory

The diverse needs of different customers and the increasing competition in the market for our offered services require a continuous quality improvement process. One of the priorities in 2018 was the improvement of the company's measuring laboratory by installing the CMM Zeiss coordinate measuring center. CMM measuring equipment allows to carry out complicated component measurements with high precision and ensures a stable quality control scale in the production of serial production. At customer request, we provide print-outs of measurement protocols that confirm the compliance of the measurements with the drawing requirements.




Various needs of different clients and growing competition in a market of the services, that also are provided by our enterprise, continuosly are requiring constant actions towards the improvement of quality.

The functioning of “CNC SAAN” Ltd. is maintained according to the quality standards of ISO 9001:2015. The enterprise continues to pay attention to systematic improvement of quality system.

Reinforced attention is given to the improvement of a section of measuring in a daily work, that includes daily calibration of measuring instruments and the provision of measuring instruments, suitable for the accomplishement of concrete orders.

Also the enterprise pays attention to the aspect of traceability of the processes of the enterprise.

The aim of “CNC SAAN” Ltd. is to obtain a complaint index of 0%.




CNC SAAN has concluded on 4 April 2017 a contract SKV-L-2017/2018 with the "Investment and Development agency of Latvia"

for receiving aid under the "Promoting International competitiveness" measure, co-financed by the "European Regional development fund".