• MIG/MAG and TIG Welding stations Max. Dimensions 6000x3000x2000mm Lifting capacity - 5 tons
• In progress for welding certification - ISO 3834-2:2006 ; EN 1090-2 :2018
• Manufacturing of combined products including both assembly – welding works and subsequent machining.
• Carrying out assembly and welding works in accordance with the technical conditions, specifications and drawings of the Customer
• Development and implementation of assembly and welding technologies and technics.
• Manufacture of products using the above-mentioned technologies and further mechanical processing.
• Possibility of rolling products with further processing (including welding and machining).
• Engineering design of non-standard equipment with subsequent ready-to-operate manufacturing.
• Assembly and welding of building structures of any complexity.

CNC SAAN has concluded on 4 April 2017 a contract SKV-L-2017/2018 with the "Investment and Development agency of Latvia"

for receiving aid under the "Promoting International competitiveness" measure, co-financed by the "European Regional development fund".