Basic activity of “CNC SAAN” Ltd. is mechanical machining on the CNC machining centres, working as a Subcontractor of the companies of different fields.

Machine-building, power industry, agriculture, forest exploitation, field of oil/ gas, furniture industry are the fields, that are being positioned as the determinant ones in the further development of the enterprise.

“CNC SAAN” Ltd. is manufactoring the details of different specifications according to the drawings of the clients. Additionally to the manufactoring of the details, “CNC SAAN” Ltd. also provides the following treatment of the manufactored items, like hardening, galvanizing, anoization, welding, involving the collaboration partners.

CNC SAAN has concluded on 4 April 2017 a contract SKV-L-2017/2018 with the "Investment and Development agency of Latvia"

for receiving aid under the "Promoting International competitiveness" measure, co-financed by the "European Regional development fund".