About us

The main business of CNC SAAN, LTD is mechanical precessing on CNC centres. The company was founded in 2012 in Riga and acts as sub-contractor for various industries.

Following customer requests and drawings, the company makes details of various specifications, capable of providing a full cycle of parts manufacturing, including services such as  heat-treatment, flame cutting, laser cutting, bendings and rollings, wet-paintings, powder-coating, anodation, welding - connecting our company's cooperation partners.


The main industries

agri nuclear energetics2 prces oilgas
Industrial equipment Agriculture Nuclear Research Energetics Processing Equiment

Oil & Gas Maining



Our goal is to gain leadership in the field of mechanical processing and to expand our customers through partnerships with customers and suppliers, by building their trust in the company as a safe producer and supplier.

The main export countries: Denmark, Germany, Sweden, Finland, Norway, Switzerland and Czech Republic.


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CNC SAAN has concluded on 4 April 2017 a contract SKV-L-2017/2018 with the "Investment and Development agency of Latvia"

for receiving aid under the "Promoting International competitiveness" measure, co-financed by the "European Regional development fund".